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down path


“Hundreds of years after the collapse of civilization, the world Cooper lives in is bleak. Burdened with an impossible prophecy since birth, he is asked to save what remains of his small village by venturing outside the walls and facing the unknown on a journey that no one has ever survived. All he is looking for is hope, but he finds so much more…”



This review is by Martha Dixon Brice from: Down The Path (Kindle Edition)

There have been many other books and movies depicting life after a war of mass destruction, but this one is void of the violence scattered throughout the other stories. Travis Mohrman tells a story of survival after radiation brings illness and sterility on mankind. Without technology people didn’t know what was outside of their own confines. Down the Path leads the reader on a journey into the unknown with a young man named Cooper. After setting out and traveling for several weeks, Cooper is astounded by what he finds in a new community. His goal is to return home with knowledge to save his own dying community. Each time I had to put this book down, I looked forward to returning to the story.

1st sentence of the book.,  “Cooper was sick of eating mush carp.”


From http://www.deadpixelpublications.com/travis-mohrman.html.


Travis Mohrman lives in High Ridge, Missouri with his wife and two hound dogs.  He loves to discover the older, more primitive methods of doing things and this is reflected in his writing.  He is always looking for new and interesting things to ferment, feel free to offer ideas.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/travis.mohrman
Website: www.travismohrman.com
Amazon Page: www.amazon.com/Travis-Mohrman

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