Snow Suits and Body Heat


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #85 Tight&Warm

Good morning. My first haiku is from a memory of dressing little boys for play in the cold.

Snow Suits

Snow suit for baby
Bundled  to stay warm outside
Too tight for moving

snow suit

Body Heat

Hug me tight and close
Share your body heat tonight
Snug as bugs in rugs

body heat

Opal and Warning, Milk

You’ll find everything you need to start writing haiku by clicking on
I’ve missed much of the last two weeks because of this critter.
I’m getting better. This is my first time to sit at my computer with
writing on my mind.
I’ll introduce Martha’s two poems first. I haven’t started, but we
have all day.
Opalmeredith 2
Iridescent stone
Milky, creamy, lustrous gem
My mother’s birthstone
wolf in sheeps clothing
Mind the smooth talker
compelling flattery flows
beguiles discernment
These two are my take on the prompt words, milk and smooth.
Milk Bath
pharo in her bath
Honey and milk bath
Just like ancient Egyptians
Skin polished and smooth
Here’s a recipe for own milk bath.

Awesome-Night-Milky-Way-Wallpaper-AndroidMilky Way

Sun ruled galaxy
Designed in perfect order
Smooth operation

Crissa and Angela

ronovanRonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #82 Star&Child

Martha emailed me these haiku to me yesterday about two of my favorite well loved nieces. Thanks, little sis.


First-born child of mine
with strong will and ambition
young whirlwind, grown star
 IMG_0056angela and crissaIMG_0038
Sweet, sensitive babe
takes everything to her heart
my sunshine, my star

Star Light and Night Sky


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #82 Star&Child

by Meredith

Star Light


Hush children, don’t cry
Behold, clear sky and star bright
Make a wish tonight

Night Sky

van gogh

Vincent paint your view
Starry light bursting in sight
Child behold genius

P.S. Perhaps Martha will write later for me to post. If not, she’ll be back next week.







Peace, Opera

ronovanRonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #81 Trill&Final

Martha is in Florida playing golf with her group, Chicks with Sticks. She missed the snow event in Clarksville.


From Florida by text from Martha, one haiku this week.

palm fronds

Listen. Songbirds trill
Water laps, palm fronds rustle.
Finally, sweet peace.

I’m adjusting to the sleep machine. I’m still in a brain fog because of insomnia. I read in the literature it will take three months to feel a difference.  Perseverance is the key.

la boheme

Beautiful trilling
It’s incontrovertible
Je ne comprends pas

sopranoAnna Yuryevna Netrebko is a Russian operatic soprano. She now holds dual Russian and Austrian citizenship and currently resides in Vienna, Austria and in New York City. Wikipedia


ronovanRonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #80 Style&Fresh

I have one thing on my mind this morning, an appointment to get instruction on the care of the sleep device and bring it home. I’ll redirect my thoughts to haiku composition. When I read Ronovan’s post this morning I had a fresh, stylish idea, alas my poor memory defeated me. I pray my insomnia will be cured and all that ails my mind as well!

Last week featured pictures of Martha and Crissa painting her bedroom. This week Martha will illustrate her haiku with pictures of the fresh paint and new style of her boudoir.

Haiku time. If you want to participate, click on Ronovan’s prompt words above. It’s fun to read other’s work. I hope I can cause you to feel something, good or bad. I dare you to tell me,



Flash doesn’t impress
Debonair clothes, all for show

sam elliott

Fresh sense of humor
Obvious intelligence
Boldness fits the bill

Martha’s treatment of her subject is full of expression.

20160116_154325 (1)20160116_154410
Years vanish quickly.
Time for freshness and panache.
What style will you choose?
New Years Day
Brightly, new year dawns
tradition with golf buddies
“Chicks with Sticks” have style

Fisherman’s Dream & Purpose, Snow & Anniversary


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #79 Crystal&Hope

Martha’s ready  first this morning.

fly fishing

Fisherman’s Dream
translucent water
bounty of beautiful fish
angler’s one desire

mike's fishJohn Michael Haynes, Meredith’s youngest son, loves to fish.


high aspirations
become a vanguard for life
crystal, clear beacon
Meredith hoped she could write about the dusting of snow we had this week. The prompt words are just right.
nick snow
Crystal covers earth
A beautiful first snow fall
Nick wishes for sun
Fifteen years married
Crystal anniversary
Longing for more years