Standing In The Gap

Trouble, pain and suffering

There is plenty in every life

Friends stand next to us buffering

Harsh winds of strife

When it’s my turn to buffer

For friends in the vice grip of woes

Illness that causes them to suffer

I vow I  will stand in the gap



There is a strong remanent of followers of Christ who stand in the gap for America.  I believe Trump’s election was an answer to those prayers. He is in the process of making us strong again. He’s not perfect. Who among you is? Can you take God’s place as judge Judge?

What If

I’ve been willing to try a quatrain poem. Here it is, four stanzas with alternating rhyme, 1,2,1,2 and 1,1,2,2.


What If

What if we never met

Who would we be

I’d have nothing to forget

Would I be pain-free


Free to realize my real worth

To know I’m unique in all the earth

What if I had known how

To hear God as I do now


He would show me the plan

What if it was as it happened

I was a stubborn child

Just a shade of running wild


The three  options

Yes, No, Wait

I was afraid not to take action

Instead I trusted fate






Is Time On My Side?

I don’t want to miss a thing. Do I want quantity or quality? Why can’t I have both. If I rush, will I miss you? Or will you join me in tying to beat time? Your reply, let’s steady our pace, hold hands and walk together.


Always in a rush
Careful now, you’ll miss something
There’s not much time left

Slow down a moment
Think before you try to cheat
Time is on your side


Psalm 118:24 (NLT) This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Google’s  definition is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

What’s serenity?
Where may I buy a pound or 2?
I want to be calm
Troubles to the right of me
Fear floods from the left of me

Music is a balm,
soothes my devastated soul.
Prayer builds courage,
destroys persistent worry.
I face the world with a smile

serenity prayer

Images of November : in southwest France

The pictures, the prose and the poem captures all that preparing for winter means. Thanks, Vron for a visit to L’ Entre Deux Mers, France.

Between Two Tides.

November is as beautiful as always. Treeleaf has turned, now falling rapidly, but temperate weather encourages flowers to bloom. We have collected a few apples, almonds, and cobnuts. Squash ripens in le jardin ‘potager’, waiting to be, ‘put in the pot’. The stove is lit, and warms the thick stone walls. This is how we prepare for winter.

Once farmers used every piece of land productively. They grew apple trees along vineyard verges. But no one collects the apples now. They ripen and fall, food for the insects, anyhow.

The sky falls in,
from the big oak tree,
there nestling
in a bed of leaves.

she warms my heart,
still beacon bright,
midst autumn light.

autumn landscape

long shadows
warm autumn sun
paints landscape
leaf rust

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Wait, I Know This

My Life

I’m blessed
Not on my merit
But the grace of God
It’s free – share it

It’s a good thing for a sinner such as I to know I can depend on God’s infinite grace. I’m standing with God behind me. “Trust Me. Come on, fall now,” He says. Will I fall?



No one can see
Secrets show in my eyes
No one knows
I don’t think gossip flies

Who am I fooling
No one but me
Who do I deceive
No one but me

What I do in secret is something that I know I shouldn’t do. I might think it’s secret, but many friends suspect or know. Last and most important, I can’t hide from God. Have I put a barrier between me and Abba?hide

Divorce and Life Choices

Martha and Meredith write tanka poems.
He scraped at her soul
until emotions were raw
Her heart, bruised and torn
She fully weighed her options
Safety, peace of mind won out


Life Choices
Eke out a living
But existing with purpose
Not torn –  determined!
My goal to have a good life
Live, laugh, leaving room to love