Make a Joyful Noise

Marantha Singers from the album Songs 4 Worship.


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Standing In The Gap

Trouble, pain and suffering

There is plenty in every life

Friends stand next to us buffering

Harsh winds of strife

When it’s my turn to buffer

For friends in the vice grip of woes

Illness that causes them to suffer

I vow I  will stand in the gap



There is a strong remanent of followers of Christ who stand in the gap for America.  I believe Trump’s election was an answer to those prayers. He is in the process of making us strong again. He’s not perfect. Who among you is? Can you take God’s place as judge Judge?


Worship is the feeling and the expression of honoring my God. I’m influenced by the standard hymns I sang in  protestant churches and in choirs.

This is a YouTube video composed of “225 Greatest Hymns, Praise and Worship Music, and Spiritual Songs Ever Compiled.” Hours of enjoyment, clear words and voices with good news.

Go Down Moses

Anonymous 1800

William Faulkner entitled his book Go Down Moses for the Black Spiritual song.

Louis Armstrong the grandson of slaves, was born in the poor neighborhood of “the Battlefield” part of Storyville. Shortly after he was born in New Orleans his father left the family, and sometime afterward his mother left him in care of his younger sister and his grandmother.

His musical talent gave him a way to get money by playing and singing on the streets with three other boys. Louis found work with a kindly Jewish family in a junk hauling business. The Karnofskys knew Louis was fatherless and took him in. In the bosom of a loving family Louis blossomed. He wrote a memoir of his relationship with them entitled Louis Armstrong + the Jewish Family in New Orleans, La., the Year of 1907. He learned the family suffered discrimination as he did. In the book he wrote: “other white folks” nationalities who felt that they were better than the Jewish race… “I was only seven years old but I could easily see the ungodly treatment that the White Folks were handing the poor Jewish family whom he worked.” wikipedia

Louis wore a Star of David pendant all of his life in memory of what the family taught him about real life and determination. The Karnofsky Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to accepting musical instruments for the boys and girls in New Orleans who are eager to play, and wouldn’t be able to participate in a wonderful learning experience.





We associate the book of Psalm with Kind David. Not so; although, he wrote over half of them, Whoever compiled the book did us a favor by naming who wrote it at the beginning of most chapters, and often what it’s purpose was. Asaph is named on 12, Sons of Korah credited with 11 and Solomon with 2. 

Psalm 23 is a favorite. It’s often memorized, and brings comfort to weary souls.

Psalm Singing

Three hours of beautiful psalm singing on the You Tube.

Today several ideas stacked my mind, all interrelated. First I started out researching the book of Psalm, second the need to post Sunday’s Sing Soul, third who wrote Psalm. I decided to start with the second thought in the direction the muse led me. Searching You Tube  led me to a favorite choir, Trinity College Cambridge choir, singing from Psalms.

singular proper noun: psalter
the Book of Psalms.
  • a copy of the biblical Psalms, especially for liturgical use.
    noun: psalter; plural noun: psalters –

I really enjoyed this instruction on how to sing metrical Psalms, and I’ll use it to sing.

Maranatha Singers: You Are My Hiding Place


You Are My Hiding Place


SONG WRITER: Michael LednerHYMN HISTORY:The author, Michael Ledner, composed “You Are My Hiding Place” at the age of 27 when he was going through a painful period in his life, a period of separation from his wife. He shared the song with several friends, made a recording of it, and set it aside. Nine months later he shared the song with a group while they were serving at a kibbutz (communal settlement) in Israel. These friends took the song back with them to California, and after it was sung there, Michael was contacted by Maranantha! Music who wished to record You Are My Hiding Place.”



Cleft of the Rock

My soul seeks refuge
Anger, hate, and war abound
Hide me in the cleft

He is my hiding place.