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Fisherman’s Dream & Purpose, Snow & Anniversary


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #79 Crystal&Hope

Martha’s ready  first this morning.

fly fishing

Fisherman’s Dream
translucent water
bounty of beautiful fish
angler’s one desire

mike's fishJohn Michael Haynes, Meredith’s youngest son, loves to fish.


high aspirations
become a vanguard for life
crystal, clear beacon
Meredith hoped she could write about the dusting of snow we had this week. The prompt words are just right.
nick snow
Crystal covers earth
A beautiful first snow fall
Nick wishes for sun
Fifteen years married
Crystal anniversary
Longing for more years

Life and Give


Martha and I are working on the Prompt #Challenge #72 Life&Give for Ronovan’s haiku page.


2 by Meredith


Cleft of the Rock

My soul seeks refuge
Anger, hate, and war abound
Hide me in the cleft







Life Cycle

Hibernating Bears
Internal clocks give alarm
Awake, spring is here




2 x Martha

life wanes
Her life so precious
wanes as loved ones stand helpless
offering prayers
seedlings begin life
flourishing in warmth of sun
till winter brings death

Muse and Pen

Thanks Ronovan for your  #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #68 Muse&Pen. 


by Meredith



I contemplate this
Building castles of whimsy
Boxed with maze hedges

sam ElliotPen and Pulse

My muse is rugged
My pen still for pretty boys
Men quicken pen and pluse


by Martha


The Blogger
Take inspiration
Create for others to weigh
Just pick up your pen
Set Me Free
My inspiration
cannot be bound, tied and placed
in a cage of rules


Health, Porch Sitting

ronovan_writes_haiku_prompt_badge_autumn_2014RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #41 Want&Tatters






by Meredith



As I grow older
I want good health without work
No work all tatters

Porch Sitting

I want to porch sit
Why not walk away tattered
Heart and belly fat



I visited Dr. Nava, my cardiologist, yesterday for a  follow-up after the echocardiogram. I learned all about heart murmurs. The doctor hears the murmurs with the stethoscope, and he sees it in the echocardiogram.  I have a leaky valve. You might be thinking, “Why did she quit her exercise program?” I broke my toe in January, wore a boot and couldn’t participate in my classes. You know I had a great plan and I was working it, but six weeks formed a new habit – not going to the gym.

Dr. Nava advises to start slow walking and increase the level as I can. This will improve my blood pressure, that we’re controlling with medicine, as well as improve my figure!

Heartbroken and Desire


RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #41 Want&Tatters

by Martha mkdb

broken heartHeartbroken
There is no desire
In the look you send my way
Tattered memories


My desire is naught
For you withhold your feelings
My heart is in tatters

I will post mine tomorrow.

Antiques, Son and Golf, Friends

RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #40 New&Time


Click on the opening line and find out how to join the fun. Exercise your brain cells and see if you can win the prize for humor or the one for serious haiku. I display my prize with my other badges.

Martha is on a golf trip this week, but I just talked with her and she will be sending me her poems.



by Meredith


Restore fine antiques
Clean, buff, polish, erase time
Won’t rescue my face

If I add 2 more lines it’s a tanka (7,7 syllables).

I will  change inside, outside
Add a smile and viola!

jd and taySon
You were new to me
There’s much time my baby boy
Alas, not to be






by Martha


Here’s the thing with golf
Each hole is newly begun
Eighteen times to hone



Martha's golf girls


Friends   (Martha’s golf girls)

Old friends are priceless
New memories are enjoyed
More time is needed





Challenge, Games, Golf, Competition

Ronovan Writes Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #39 Vie & Reach


by Meredith


successLife is a challenge

Times come that tempt me to quit

No! I want to win

Martha and MeredithGames

I rival no one

Perfection isn’t my goal

I reach for my best

Martha and I are pictured above in my apartment in California when she came for a visit. We’re playing Words with friends. This is the extent of games that I play with someone else. I play with four other friends as well. I think we all have a common goal in mind, to keep our brains working and to learn new words.

decorative separation

by Martha


What will one do to
Vie for that coveted spot?
Most reach for the moon.
martha golf
I battle the turf
to win the elusive par
well within my reach


Martha is just home for a hard day at the golf course. You can tell by her face she’ll be going back.