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Give me strength. 

Body builders work for strength; writers give points to get stronger; I pray, Lord give me strength. I’ve read that our help/strength comes from the Lord. It doesn’t matter if you need physical or mental strength, God has an abundance. 
II Chronicles 16:9 ERV: The eyes of the LORD go around looking in all the earth for people who are faithful to him so that he can make them strong. 


Vincent Van Gogh


Colleen’s invitation came yesterday, time for Writer’s Quote Wednesday. This week she is focusing on self-doubt. We don’t need to let doubt defeat us; we can use it to strengthen.

I’m bringing for your consideration, enjoyment, and enlightenment the words of one of my favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh.


Vincent knew about discouragement, but he still painted. When he had no money for food, he painted. Times came when he was ill,  he painted.  He came to painting late in life and his career was short, he painted. I believe he  heard the voice within many times, he painted.

book jacketYou can see he wrote about his painting, his life his thoughts. His diary is offered on amazon.com. There is only one of this particular copy, offered at $700.00. There are other’s much less costly.

I’m pleased to offer the YouTube video of other quotes from Van Gogh. Much is revealed in this 5:32 video.

Strong Like a Woman

Helen Reddy’s song I Am Woman, released in May of 1972. The song became the theme for women everywhere. I remember hearing and saying, “Yes, I can do whatever I set my mind to do.”

Now, I look to real women I meet everyday, just like you and me for inspiration. Let me introduce you to 3 new friends that are conquering what their life demands. I met these three bright women in my on-line blogging course.

Pavanneh a dedicated woman to her family, school and writing. Her life goal is to make a difference, an ordinary woman with extraordinary dreams.

Maria lives in Queensland and has great photos of her home land in her post 10 Blazing Barbeques. She finds herself struggling with technology, just like many of us. She knows how to take a “spoonful of medicine go down” by postponing the complex for the simple exhilaration of a beach BBQ.

Because of Maria’s referral, I now count Nicole as friend. Her strength is clear when you read her blog. She faces health struggles by sharing, comparing and writing about it.

I started with a ’70s youtube video that was a rally cry for women, I’ll end one more au currant. Martha, my sister and another strong woman I admire, played it for me. She told me her daughter, Angela, said that this is the song Martha would sing to her. Live strong, but don’t forget to dance.