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Another Cuppa


 Java Jive Lyrics

I love coffee, I love tea
I love the java jive and it loves me
Coffee and tea and the java and me
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup (boy!)
Java Jive lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC credit to Lyric Find, http://www.lyricsfreak.com/m/manhattan+transfer/java+jive_20087466.html
 This is a repost for all my blogging buddies who have invited me to coffee.
I like coffee morning, noon and night. I like it in a covered cup to keep it hot; also helps with messy spills from a less than steady hand. I like to sip through a straw. I want it in my mouth not on my shirt. I take mine with half and half in coffee shops, and with sugar-free vanilla flavored coffee mate at home. In coffee shops I order bold, dark roast, and shun the lattes, frappes, and any other sugary forms of coffee. I buy dark or medium roast for home, and I follow directions to make a splendid brew that could walk to my cup if necessary. I like it iced in the summer afternoons. When dining out at the end of the meal what could be  better ending  than an espresso, or a mug laced with amaretto and cream.
To temper my passion and consumption of coffee, I make it a habit for my health to drink plenty of water. A cuppa will soothe my nerves, warm my hands, give me energy to run on, one of the simple pleasures of my life.

The Daily Post





Right Brain Female

I’ve always blamed my inaptitude for technology to be caused by my dominant right brain. Now Psychology Today reports that the lateralized brain is a myth. Science writer Carl Zimmer explained in an article for Discover magazine, “No matter how lateralized the brain can get, though, the two sides still work together. The pop psychology notion of a left brain and a right brain doesn’t capture their intimate working relationship. The left hemisphere specializes in picking out the sounds that form words and working out the syntax of the words, for example, but it does not have a monopoly on language processing. The right hemisphere is actually more sensitive to the emotional features of language, tuning in to the slow rhythms of speech that carry intonation and stress.” Activity could be higher on one side of the brain than the other, but both sides work together.

Some research shows that the brain can be trained after trauma.

In December this year I had a stroke, the second one. The first,  in 2002, was labeled TIA (transient ischemic attack.) This time even with prompt emergency care and care in a hospital, I’ve experienced some physical difficulty. When I was settled in with my sister and established with doctors, I began a six-week program of physical rehabilitation to increase balance and stability. Now that I’ve graduated from p.t. I’m doing senior fitness four times a week. I feel the weakness on the right side, lack of balance and difficulty with patterns. The leaders of each class are professional, friendly and supportive. I’m staying with the program and feel so much better. I’m getting stronger!

This post came about because I was telling myself how stupid I was not to be able to clean up my menu on my Meredith’s Musing page. I paused in my work, I needed a break and started reading on some reliable sites about the brain. I realized my right brain female theory didn’t stand. I thought about my difficulty and realized I try to hurry through technical problems because they bore me. I know I need to slow down, breathe and read before jumping in.  I didn’t give up and after about four hours I completed my task.

A sick feeling…

is gripping my chest! I was trying to clean up my categories, rename a few and add a menu in the header. I have a sub that won’t stay under the parent, and I have a parent with 7 subs and they don’t all show on the drop down. I’ve searched support and can’t find an answer. If anyone wants to hazard a guess and help me, I would be thankful.

Oh Yes! When I click on the a menu item I get the message nothing found.


Thursdays Time out for Art

Thanks Karen for sharing your art projects with Coveyview.

Karen's Stone Soup...

You Are My Sunshine! You Are My Sunshine!

This little creation is truly a mixed media piece!  With collage, acrylic, and clay it is really a one of a kind piece.

Time out for Art is hosted by Zebra Designs and Destinations, check them out, they give me inspiration, maybe you too will be inspired.

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Muscadine Wine

Colleen Chesbro introduced me to Moscato wine, and later, posted a recipe for a festive drink using Barefoot Moscato.

images2EN3KFB2The name sounded familiar, but it wasn’t until I tried it I realized the connection. I had my first sip of white Muscadine Wine in Alabama. The mild taste and fruity flavors delight my taste buds, and instantly I became a devotee. Colleen recommended the pink. I think I like it better than the white. I haven’t tried the red yet.



Muscadine grapes can’t survive colder climates making it a Southern treasure. The grapes don’t grow in clusters as most other grapes; they grow two or three together on the vine. I don’t particularly enjoy eating the grape because of the thick skin and large seeds. Where is my grape peeler? The pulp is thick and sweet and worth peeling and seeding.

Martha prefers a stronger red wines, and I do too with dinner, but for my sipping pleasure it’s Moscato. What is your favorite wine?




Wonder Lust

In the United States, the first day of the autumn season is the day of the year when the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving south on September 22nd or 23rd. This day is known as the Autumnal Equinox. This is the day when both the daytime and nighttime are of the same length. Some say that world is in balance and we can have balance in our lives as well. The day after nights begin to get longer and the temperatures will start to fall. Autumn is time to gather the  harvests. When our main industry was farming, and even now,  it is time to decide what we need for winter.


Wonder-lust stirs me about this time every year. I yearn to travel to see the fall leaves. The mountains of Tennessee or North Carolina are my favorite destinations. I enjoy visiting the wineries of Tennessee. We have one right here in Clarksville. I hope to go to Jazz on the Lawn in October.


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Are you dreaming of an adventure this autumn? May I suggest the Celebration of Cultures Festival in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, October 4, 2014. The event features the many fascinating cultures of Nashville. Tennessee is always beautiful, but fall is brilliant.