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Francesca Lia Block

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I like to introduce authors I’ve never read. Today you will learn about Francesca Lia Block from Los Angels, California.


Francesca Lia Block is an American writer of adult and young-adult literature: fiction, short stories, screenplays and poetry. Wikipedia For a listing and synopsis of her books click here.

William H. Gass

ron and col

Colleen and Ronovan invite us to share our favorite quotes each Friday and to write about how it inspires us.


William E. Gass

Publisher Weekly asked William H. Gass for five writing tips. One of the tips included, “Be happy because no one is seeing what you do, no one is listening to you, no one really cares what may be achieved, but sometimes accidents happen and beauty is born.”

The 91-year-old is a philosopher, critic and a novelist. It’s said some of  his writing is difficult to read.  We can forgive him that because his novellas are created with startling beauty.”

I haven’t read any of Gass’ philosophy books, nor do I plan to. I can’t post a video of his readings and discussions on You Tube because I don’t understand what he’s trying to say. The presentation would only appeal to other philosophers. Im interested in his novellas.

I enjoy his quotes, especially the one I used, and especially “change the world into words.” Are we writing about things that can change our world? Does what we write have a purpose or a driving theme that will cause our reader’s to understand how to make their world better?




Frederick A. Larson

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The Star of Bethlehem

“It’s an astronomical mystery. A strange star is claimed to have appeared at the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. This site is an investigation of the story found in the Biblical Gospel of Matthew, a story often called the ‘Star of Bethlehem.’ It brings the words of Roman and Jewish historians alongside the visions of ancient prophets. It mixes “modern” mathematicians with murderous turmoil in the Roman imperial court. It combines all these with astronomical facts which no one disputes. And it concludes that the star was a real event. Come solve this age-old mystery for yourself…” Frederick A. Larson


When I first discovered Larson’s research I was excited to read about his studies and his writings about the heavens and the star. The ability to go back in time and see the celestial bodies in the position that they were at the time of Jesus’ birth is a marvel. I revisit his site every year and watch the documentary on YouTube.

“Documentary The Star of Bethlehem – scholars debate whether the Star of Bethlehem is a legend created by the early church or a miracle that marked the advent of Christ. Is it possible that the star was a real, astronomical event?” YouTube 

Maya Angelou

r & CRonovan and Colleen invite us write to inspire ourselves and others on BeWoW Wednesday and Writer’s Quote Wednesday. It fits right in with my Wednesday Write-up.

I scroll through the quotes on the page looking for just the right one for me. Maya Angelou is credited with this quote.

maya angelou

I’ve always been a writer of letters, notes, list. Teaching is my career since 1960 through 2006. I’ve been a teacher for children, college classes and Sunday school classes. Now I write my blog with the mind-set that I’ll pass something on worthwhile; still teaching after all these years. May my last breath contain some bright gem passed from the angel come to escort me home to listening ears.

Maya Angelou was an author. I know she was intent on teaching other to learn from her painful experiences, enrichment of the human spirit. Just listen… Now from her legacy captured in print and video, she still is teaching.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”  Adopted by MH from MA

Joseph Campbell

r & CRonovan and Colleen joined their Wednesday challenges so we can cover both in one fell swoop, or in a single swift action. They give me the opportunity to share a quote from a writer that will help me to have a positive attitude and to do the best I can to entertain and inform you, and to pass that positive attitude on.

I’m crazy about the combo cartoon featuring Colleen and Ronovan!!! Perhaps it will become part of the Wednesday blog.


Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) is and American author and teacher. I like to see a picture o the person I’m quoting, and to hear the voice is an extra treat. Here he is on YouTube:

Follow Your Bliss







Stephen King



ronovanColleen and Ronovan inspire us to share with our blogging community quotes that inspire us.

Stephen King, is there anyone who doesn’t know who he is? I read many of his books when I was younger. My favorite movie is The Green Mile. Recently I read Jerry Jenkins’ blog  posted May 11, 2015, entitled A Guest Blog from Stephen King–Yes, that Stephen King. I enjoyed it immensely because it gave me a different  idea of who Stephen King is.


This YouTube video is for fun.

There’s a plethora of Stephen King quotes to choose from. The one I chose agrees with my definition of friends.



I want you to build your houses in my heart.



Colleen colleen

Ronovan ronovanare multiplying our efforts to post about quotes and wonderful words. Let’s have some fun now.


Harmony and contrast. All beauty comes from these two things. You see, Colin, few object are beautiful or ugly of themselves. To know that is the beginning of being an artist.

Francois Vatel



If you enjoy history that is embellished, you’ll want to see this movie.